Another year of growth and developments.

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Another year of growth and developments. November 21 is SCC Founder's Day:

Founders day Stellar Cannacoin

Stellar Cannacoin was born 21.11.21. Burnsivxx had this notion that Cannabis needed an active partner in the crypto community, and no one was actively pursuing the venture in a way that was right for either industry.

Cannacoin was minted on the Stellar Blockchain, as it was found to be a fast, borderless payment system with low fees and transparency; all attributes needed to grow a better/safer option within 2 industries plagued with unfound skepticism.

SCC began and continues distribution through participation in its social media channels. It is also available for trade on Stellar Expert. During the overall altcoin growth of our first year, SCC excelled in value and popularity. Since then, we saw effects of a bear market and also saw some early supporters take profits for various reasons. This demonstrated to the team the need to reward its' holders and those supporting the project financially with LP contributions.

StashApp Wallet allowed us DEFI not generally offered on the Stellar Blockchain. Packets allow us to airdrop anywhere. LP lottery became a constant daily Reward payment for everyone involved in our 3 main LP pools and we added Rewards for locking away your Cannacoin. Most recently we added a Holder's Lounge and new roles on discord, based on a members holdings, and have a constant stream of tips to those who choose to enroll.

We are far from our intended membership, however continue to grow daily. Stellar Cannacoin continues to play games and have online social events. Many of these are testing various technologies we have been working on for more general use. The goal still remains to grow our membership through awareness. Canna4Karma, our very own Reddit Community Points, has been a success since inception, and will continue to drive communities together. Fortunately, Reddit's procedures regarding Community Points (and I'm guessing Vault in the near future) have no effect on our system or NFTs.

As our membership continues to grow it is important to consider what Stellar Cannacoin is and can be. When Burns created this cannabis community crypto, he knew there was a need for the industry. It's up to all of us to help breakdown the barriers to both industries, and eventually provide another financial option.

Join the fun on our Reddit and Discord today!