Illustration - Staking


At the time of writing, Stellar Cannacoin is still in its early stages, and staking helps the project. 

One way of helping the project is by staking to the liquidity pool. A large liquidity pool will help attract more investors, stabilize price swings, and, in turn, help the project grow. Additonally, as bussinesses will start using Stellar Cannacoin, it's essential to have a big liquidity pool to create a stability in price swings.

Staking can be easily done through our own wallet, StashApp. Alternatively you can use another provider like Albedo.
Read more about liquidity pools and staking here

Daily Liquidity Rewards

We love our liquidity providers and therefore provide daily payouts on our XLM/CANNACOIN & USDC/CANNACOIN pools.
Daily rewards are now automatically paid to our liquidity holders, starting with our promo: 6.9% APY on CANNACOIN/XLM LP value, recalculated and paid daily at a daily rate with SCC. This will continue until 2 mil CANNACOIN has been paid out at which point it will be reduced from the promotional rate to 4.2%. 

A new overview has also been added on StashApp to track how much users have been rewarded.
Payouts are easily visible in our StashApp

How staking works

The Stellar Decentralised Exchange (SDEX) is potentially unique for having liquidity pools (LP) and automated market makers (AMM) built directly onto the blockchain.
If you prefer not use our StashApp to do your staking you can either import your StashApp or LOBSTR secret key (s...) into Albedo or StellarX.

Please note that you need equal amount of each token you want to stake. By amount we mean in value. Learn more by clicking the link at the top!