Frequently asked questions

Stellar Cannacoin has a maximum supply of 5.2 billion. No more can ever be minted.
You can start by joining our online platforms on Reddit and Discord through the icons in the footer.
Absolutely. At this moment we have multiple businesses accepting our coin as a payment method in their store or webshop. We highly encourage other businesses interested to approach us. Please contact us directly through Reddit or Discord through the link in the footer to see what is possible.
The current value in USD and all other details can be found on the stellar explorer.
Although we believe Cannacoin has a bright future, just like any other investment, it carries a risk. We advise only investing what you can afford and are comfortable with.
Stellar Cannacoin is a cryptocurrency that is built on the Stellar blockchain. That's why, to obtain Cannacoin, you need to buy the native stellar crypto Lumen (XLM) first and then swap it for Cannacoin.
StashApp is a digital self-custody wallet where you can store, trade, and pay with Stellar Cannacoin.
You can help by being an active member of our community, tipping, creating content, etc. Besides that, we always look for talent to help us behind the scenes. Contact us through Reddit or Discord to find out more.