Another year of growth and developments.

Another year of growth and developments. November 21 is SCC Founder's Day:

Founders day Stellar Cannacoin

Stellar Cannacoin was born 21.11.21. Burnsivxx had this notion that Cannabis needed an active partner in the crypto community, and no one was actively pursuing the venture in a way that was right for either industry.

Cannacoin was minted on the Stellar Blockchain, as it was found to be a fast, borderless payment system with low fees and transparency; all attributes needed to grow a better/safer option within 2 industries plagued with unfound skepticism.

SCC began and continues distribution through participation in its social media channels. It is also available for trade on Stellar Expert. During the overall altcoin growth of our first year, SCC excelled in value and popularity. Since then, we saw effects of a bear market and also saw some early supporters take profits for various reasons. This demonstrated to the team the need to reward its' holders and those supporting the project financially with LP contributions.

StashApp Wallet allowed us DEFI not generally offered on the Stellar Blockchain. Packets allow us to airdrop anywhere. LP lottery became a constant daily Reward payment for everyone involved in our 3 main LP pools and we added Rewards for locking away your Cannacoin. Most recently we added a Holder's Lounge and new roles on discord, based on a members holdings, and have a constant stream of tips to those who choose to enroll.

We are far from our intended membership, however continue to grow daily. Stellar Cannacoin continues to play games and have online social events. Many of these are testing various technologies we have been working on for more general use. The goal still remains to grow our membership through awareness. Canna4Karma, our very own Reddit Community Points, has been a success since inception, and will continue to drive communities together. Fortunately, Reddit's procedures regarding Community Points (and I'm guessing Vault in the near future) have no effect on our system or NFTs.

As our membership continues to grow it is important to consider what Stellar Cannacoin is and can be. When Burns created this cannabis community crypto, he knew there was a need for the industry. It's up to all of us to help breakdown the barriers to both industries, and eventually provide another financial option.

Join the fun on our Reddit and Discord today!

Stellar CannaCoin, a community-driven coin for the global cannabis industry

You pull up to a drive-through dispensary, phone in hand. A few taps later, your cannabis crypto transaction is complete. Seeing your generous tip, the budtender smiles and hands you a bag of fresh Tangie. You crack open the bag, sending a swirling aroma of skunky citrus into the air.

Not a pipe dream….if you live in a legal region and your local dispensary accepts Stellar CannaCoin, then this could be you. But before I tell you more, let’s talk about why there’s so much excitement for cannabis-related technologies, services, and products [2, 3].

High demand

Cannabis is one of the most valuable agricultural products, with U.S. sales projected to surpass $50 billion in a few years, while global sales exceed $100 billion. But these are the early days. As more countries legalize, the growth rate will continue to climb. With its medical benefits, industrial uses, and recreational popularity, the plant could soon rival the tobacco and alcohol industries in global revenue [4-9].



How Crypto Helps the Cannabis Industry

Current laws make it difficult for cannabis businesses to get loans, insurance, and credit cards. They’re forced to store and transport cash….a major security risk. By contrast, cryptocurrencies are stored in digital wallets protected by secret keys and recovery phrases (12 – 24 randomly generated words). If owners keep this information in a safe place, the accounts are highly secure [10].

The early-stage cannabis industry struggles with heavy taxes and strict regulations. Business owners can’t wait around for politicians….they need money now. Crypto not only offers solutions, it will continue to help the industry as it evolves….providing alternatives to high-interest loans that are risky for smaller businesses [11].

The Power of Media

History shows that mass media is powerful.

Mainstream media and social media platforms have combined forces to become superpowers. Breaking news stories go viral on social media platforms which boost their reach exponentially. 

Positive cannabis news can lead to major rallies on stock and crypto markets. For example….after being elected as Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau began working on marijuana legalization. By 2017, word had spread that legalization was becoming a reality, and the markets reacted [12].

In early 2018, cannabis stocks Aurora Cannabis, Aphria, and Emerald Health Therapeutics hit all-time highs. But it wasn’t just stocks that rallied….there was a buying frenzy in cannabis-related crypto.



Legalization Continues

The U.S. also seized the opportunity: 37 states legalized medical marijuana, and 19 legalized recreational. Maryland is likely to become #20 after the mid-term elections [14].

Following this trend, federal legalization is inevitable. If history repeats itself as it often does in markets, we’re due for a U.S. rally in cannabis-related stocks and crypto.

Exactly when this catalyst will occur is a matter of debate, but one thing almost all cannabis investors agree on: it will be massive. In 2017, Canada had a population of 36 million. In 2022, the U.S. population is 335 million.

More than 20% of Americans have invested in, traded, or used crypto [15].



Making Moves

October 6th, 2022, Biden took three positive steps towards broad legalization:

  1. Announced a pardon of prior federal offenses of marijuana possession
  2. Urged governors to pardon state offenses
  3. Attorney General and Secretary of Health and Human Services will start a process to review how marijuana should be scheduled under federal law


Reactions on Reddit show excitement from customers and investors



Stellar CannaCoin

So far, no coins have been mass-adopted by the cannabis industry. Investors speculate on which ones will gain dominance.

One of the rising stars is Stellar CannaCoin.

Powered by the Stellar Network, its transactions are perfect for the industry:

 [22, 23]

979d64aeda9cf4dd684492030f049d3e537b42f60176de0c9a1c28bf2eff26a5.png[3, 26, 24, 25]

Early stage, high growth

Despite emerging in the 2022 bear market, Stellar CannaCoin has a phenomenal growth rate.

Social media followers

Reddit: 4,400

Discord: 2,000

Twitter: 1,500

Instagram: 500

Total: 8,400+ followers


4,500+ trustlines



Long-term investors enjoy rewards for locking, and for contributing to the Liquidity Pool [28, 29].

Liquidity Pools

Pool #1:

XLM + CannaCoin 

Pool #2:

USD + CannaCoin 

[30, 31]



In early October 2022, a total of $586,385 was locked + invested in pools [32], with over $1,300,000 traded in 9 months.

Buy Signals

[33 – 41]

A Green Future

We’re early….now is the time to make a move. A growing number of investors see evidence for the global adoption and success of Stellar CannaCoin with its lightning-fast transactions, cheap fees, and energy efficiency….its goal to improve the lives of medical patients….its active community, events, and popularity among customers, growers, and entrepreneurs.

Join us on our journey to a greener future….make your first post/comment on our Reddit page and receive a gift of free coins while supplies last.

For justice, for the plant, for the people: Stellar CannaCoin.