Getting started

Getting started with Stellar Cannacoin

Getting started with StashApp

We wanted to create a user-centric wallet for our community and possible partners. We started out with the thought: “How can we make it so simple, yet beautiful that both the neighbourhood grandma and the coffee store hipster would be able to and enjoy using StashApp?”

StashApp is an easy to use self-custodial wallet, by that we mean that we do not store and cannot interact with your assets in any way, as everything lives on the chain. 

Get started with our Faucet in StashApp and collect your daily reward.

In practice this means that you can import your existing wallet as well as use your StashApp wallet in other wallets supporting the Stellar network. 

That way we know for sure that your assets are safe and sound.
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Getting started with Lobstr

According to the StellarLumens blockchain's own rules an xlm address needs a balance of 1 XLM to be active and an additional 0.5 XLM per trustline.

This means that once the wallet is set up you need to deposit at least 1.6 XLM in order to start your " trip" with Stellar CANNACOIN.
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Getting started with a CEX or alternate wallet

As we mentioned, you can transfer funds from a CEX to a alernate wallet or ours before being able to swap XLM for CANNACOIN. 
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