Phase 1: Germinate

1. Creation of Stellar Cannacoin (21/11/21)
2. Website launch
3. Create social media platforms on Twitter, Reddit and Discord
4. Faucet launch on website and Discord
5. Release White Paper and Roadmap
6. Create a tip-bot on Reddit
7. Tip-bot reaching #1 bot on Reddit

Phase 2: Growth

1. Release our first official NFT's on the Stellar blockchain
2. Expand our team: Game developer, graphic designer, software developer, content writer, marketeer
3. Get tipbot accepted to 20 other big subreddits
4. Establish new crucial partnerships
5. Create a tip-bot on Discord and/or Twitter
6. Reach 1,000 trustlines
7. Reach 4,200 members on Reddit and/or Twitter and Discord

Phase 3: Flourish

1. Provide an online marketplace or webshop
2. Create a Cannacoin game
3. List on CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko
4. Expand our team further
5. Develop and launch our own Wallet
6. Reach 10,000 trustlines
7. Reach 42,000 members on Reddit and/or Twitter and Discord

Phase 4: Let it Hang

1. Give way for other future projects to develop by the community
2. Completion of easy-to-use payment options for cannabis dispensaries
3. Integrate our POS payment system and/or e-commerce solution with our first officially registered dispensary
4. List on a respectable exchange
5. Reach 100,000 trustlines
6. Reach 420,000 members on Reddit
7. Reach 420,000 followers on Twitter