Easy & Fast In-store Payments 

Marijuana can be sold legally in 36 U.S. states and the District of Columbia (D.C.) for medical use and in 15 of them and in D.C. for recreational purposes. But it's still illegal on a federal level, meaning most banks won't service the industry in case they fall afoul of money laundering laws. Therefore, we wanted to give an alternative to these businesses, by letting them transition to storing payments through a crypto solution. We've created the easiest to use Point of Sales crypto system.

How it Works

We made it easy for businesses to add, delete & edit their products from a simple dashboard. Once all products are selected, a QR code will be displayed to the customer letting them pay within seconds through our native wallet (StashApp). A confirmation message will then be displayed to both customer and operator to make sure the transaction was successful. The total price is automatically converted from USD to CANNACOIN, avoiding any confusion. A receipt will also be provided and stored in both the wallet and the POS system. Easy as that! 

One of the fastest crypto point of sale systems currently being developed!

Unlike other payment providers, by using our POS system, payments are processed instantly to your wallet and we have no control over your funds.
We've also developed a plugin for Woocommerce, read more here

A Boost to your Business

Being part of our "accepted businesses" you will receive a boost of traffic & conversions to your web store for no charge. Many benefits come along with having our payment option integrated. We will display your store through our native wallet giving you the option to advertise your business to thousands of people.
If this sounds interesting to you, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our development team is here to help you at every step making sure you understand what to do and what to expect.