August 6, 2022
Daily Liquidity Rewards

Daily rewards are now automatically paid to our liquidity holders, starting with our promo: 6.9% apy on SCC/XLM LP value, recalculated and paid daily at a daily rate with SCC. This will continue until 2 mil SCC has been paid out at which point it will be reduced from the promotional rate to 4.2%. A […]

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July 25, 2022
StashApp - Open Beta Testing!

We are excited to announce StashApp is now in open beta for IOS and Android! Our team has developed a POS and Wallet to provide retail businesses the opportunity to transition partly or completely to a crypto-based payment system. Our StashApp wallet is to be used P2P and make retail accept instant in-store payments using […]

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July 22, 2022
Stellar Cannacoin is now supported on!

Bonobo is a decentralized exchange that allows trading of some of your favourite low fee crypto. You can directly buy Stellar Cannacoin using Algorand, Banano, Nano, Polygon or Dogecoin. Exchange rates are listed when you select a currency pair and no registration/login required. Note: this is intended for low volume trades. When you are making […]

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