BlitZ NFT Jigsaw Puzzle (110, 252, 500, 1000-Piece)

Bitz NFT image from CannaheadZ on a jigsaw puzzle


A BlitZ Holiday NFT Jigsaw Puzzle from CannaheadZ and Stellar Cannacoin NFTs! Multiple sizes available. Great for lonely nights or as a group project after a quality sesh.

From the manufacturer:

Jigsaw Puzzle (110, 252, 500,1000-Piece)

A jigsaw puzzle will deliver wholesome downtime for friends and family. Made with high-quality chipboard pieces, our puzzles come in 110, 252, 500, and 1000-piece variations. The 252 and 500-piece puzzles are ideal for children from the age of 9, while the 1000-piece puzzle is great for adults. Ships in gift-ready metal boxes for a show-stopping presentation.

  • Pre-diecut chipboard with a satin finish
  • 110, 252, 500 or 1000 precise interlocking pieces
  • White metal tin box with finished image on the cover
  • Original NFT can be viewed at BlitZ NFT.

Most items are P.O.D. to keep overhead low. Please always allow 4-6 weeks for actual delivery. Tracking and order status updates will be provided as received.

This listing is not a listing for the sale/purchase of cryptocurrency, cannabis, or cannabis derivative
About Stellar Cannacoin:

Stellar Cannacoin is a cryptocurrency token on the Stellar Blockchain.  On 11/21/21 a user on reddit, u/burnsivxx, created and minted a token for the canna community.  Through generous distribution, transparency, and overall positive interactions the community has grown into the thousands.

The lightning fast network and extremely low fees of the Stellar Blockchain provide an avenue for actual use case and adoption.  The team continues to develop its use and overall community engagement.

Images provided by Cannaheadz, Steller Cannacoin, and Stellar Cannacoin NFTs for Apparel and Accessories, with rights reserved.

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Item dimensions:
9.6" × 8" (110 pcs)14" × 11" (252 pcs)20.5" × 15" (500 pcs)29.25" × 19.75" (1000 pcs)
Width, in9.6114.0020.5029.25
Height, in7.9911.0015.0019.75