We've just reached 600+ StashApp Downloads

5 minutes

We are happy to see more users using StashApp to manage their assets. Recent updates include:

  • Credit Card support for all regions Ramp supports.
  • Swap screen; You can now swap any token to any token (they are not locked to CANNA/USC/XLM/AQUA).
  • Button for swapping the tokens (A->B/B->A) on a single click. You can also enter what you want as the receiving token amount, which will calculate token A ex.
  • Bug fixes regarding auto-calculation for assets when options change (user input)
  • Trustlines overview; Add any trustline you'd like with asset code + issuer remove trustline
  • Updated Wallet Connect v2 support (updated libs and some fine tuning)
  • Buy/Sell buttons in the Asset screen show swap screen with token auto-filled
  • Surge fee price calculations for all transactions.