Who wants to be a Cannanaire?

Who wants to be a Cannanaire? Buy and HODL and be entered in our 2nd year Anniversary Raffle for 1 Million Stellar Cannacoin and more!

What a better way to kick off the Anniversary celebrations than with a buy and HODL raffle.

Who wants to be a Cannanaire SCC 2nd Year Drawing NFT will be given via oracle for swaps to buy 50k OR MORE of Stellar Cannacoin. Swaps of more than 50k SCC will be awarded 1 entry per 50k. This system is automated so be sure you meet the minimum of 50000 Cannacoin at the completion of your swap

Any attempts at manipulation will result in removal from the drawing. This includes selling Cannacoin to buy Cannacoin during the contest period.

Each SCC2ndYEAR NFT will be an entry to our Anniversary Drawing on 11/21/23 for:

There will also be associated drawings for holders of the NFT on Discord

None of this is financial advice, investing has risk.


We are very excited to announce the launch of our very own, community-driven, listing platform: https://www.listr.cc.

- A unique and easy-to-use platform dedicated to find, vote for and learn about Stellar Tokens.

- With StashApp, adding trust lines is simple by scanning the QR codes of tokens listed on the platform.

- Applications for new tokens & NFT's can be submitted easily, and they will be considered quickly by our team.

Listr will benefit the entire Stellar community, but especially Stellar Cannacoin, as it will open the door for greater acceptance and legitimacy of our project.

StashApp Launched

We are excited to launch our very own Wallet, named StashApp, running on the Stellar Blockchain. Get access to features such as Swaps, Liquidity Pools, on-ramps and more!