Who wants to be a Cannanaire?

Who wants to be a Cannanaire? Buy and HODL and be entered in our 2nd year Anniversary Raffle for 1 Million Stellar Cannacoin and more!

What a better way to kick off the Anniversary celebrations than with a buy and HODL raffle.

Who wants to be a Cannanaire SCC 2nd Year Drawing NFT will be given via oracle for swaps to buy 50k OR MORE of Stellar Cannacoin. Swaps of more than 50k SCC will be awarded 1 entry per 50k. This system is automated so be sure you meet the minimum of 50000 Cannacoin at the completion of your swap

Any attempts at manipulation will result in removal from the drawing. This includes selling Cannacoin to buy Cannacoin during the contest period.

Each SCC2ndYEAR NFT will be an entry to our Anniversary Drawing on 11/21/23 for:

There will also be associated drawings for holders of the NFT on Discord

None of this is financial advice, investing has risk.

Canna for Karma

Introducing Canna For Karma! Your quality posts and comments on Reddit will now earn Stellar Cannacoin based on the number of upvotes it receives.

Every month your karma will be tracked. At the end of the month it will be tallied and Cannacoin will be paid out. Each month will have a set total amount of SCC to be rewarded. The total Canna will be divided by the total amount of Karma earned by the community. That number will be multiplied by your karma earned to determine your payout.

Are you taking advantage of the most fun way to add to your stack? What are you waiting for? Join us on Reddit to start earning Canna with Karma.

The following is a 6 year roadmap for total monthly payouts:

Payment 1: 1,000,000 Payment 2: 1,200,000 Payment 3: 1,400,000 Payment 4: 1,600,000 Payment 5: 1,800,000 Payment 6: 2,000,000 Payment 7: 2,200,000 Payment 8: 2,400,000 Payment 9: 2,600,000 Payment 10: 2,800,000 Payment 11: 3,000,000 Payment 12: 3,200,000 Payment 13: 3,400,000 Payment 14: 3,600,000 Payment 15: 3,800,000 Payment 16: 4,000,000 Payment 17: 4,200,000 Payment 18: 4,400,000 Payment 19: 4,600,000 Payment 20: 4,800,000 Payment 21: 5,000,000 Payment 22: 5,200,000 Payment 23: 5,400,000 Payment 24: 5,600,000 Payment 25: 5,800,000 Payment 26: 6,000,000 Payment 27: 6,200,000 Payment 28: 6,400,000 Payment 29: 6,600,000 Payment 30: 6,800,000 Payment 31: 7,000,000 Payment 32: 7,200,000 Payment 33: 7,400,000 Payment 34: 7,600,000 Payment 35: 7,800,000 Payment 36: 8,000,000 Payment 37: 7,800,000 Payment 38: 7,600,000 Payment 39: 7,400,000 Payment 40: 7,200,000 Payment 41: 7,000,000 Payment 42: 6,800,000 Payment 43: 6,600,000 Payment 44: 6,400,000 Payment 45: 6,200,000 Payment 46: 6,000,000 Payment 47: 5,800,000 Payment 48: 5,600,000 Payment 49: 5,400,000 Payment 50: 5,200,000 Payment 51: 5,000,000 Payment 52: 4,800,000 Payment 53: 4,600,000 Payment 54: 4,400,000 Payment 55: 4,200,000 Payment 56: 4,000,000 Payment 57: 3,800,000 Payment 58: 3,600,000 Payment 59: 3,400,000 Payment 60: 3,200,000 Payment 61: 3,000,000 Payment 62: 2,800,000 Payment 63: 2,600,000 Payment 64: 2,400,000 Payment 65: 2,200,000 Payment 66: 2,000,000 Payment 67: 1,800,000 Payment 68: 1,600,000 Payment 69: 1,400,000 Payment 70: 1,200,000 Payment 71: 1,000,000 Payment 72: 1,000,000.


We are very excited to announce the launch of our very own, community-driven, listing platform: https://www.listr.cc.

- A unique and easy-to-use platform dedicated to find, vote for and learn about Stellar Tokens.

- With StashApp, adding trust lines is simple by scanning the QR codes of tokens listed on the platform.

- Applications for new tokens & NFT's can be submitted easily, and they will be considered quickly by our team.

Listr will benefit the entire Stellar community, but especially Stellar Cannacoin, as it will open the door for greater acceptance and legitimacy of our project.

Swap, Lock & Earn

Are your hands made of diamonds? We believe you deserve a prize. This has become a reality thanks to Stellar Cannacoin and StashApp! There is now a way to LOCK your Canna to earn APY with the most recent version of StashApp. Earn 5% APY over 12 months, 3% after 6 months or 2% after 3 months. The first installment of the APY incentives will be available to you as soon as you lock. You cannot undo a lock once you have confirmed, so be really confident that locking is what you want to do! If you can't wait, iOS users can update through beta using this link: https://testflight.apple.com/join/cv3UCvFd. The new update is currently being reviewed in the Google Play Store.

We've just reached 600+ StashApp Downloads

We are happy to see more users using StashApp to manage their assets. Recent updates include:

Two new fiat on-ramps

We are preparing for the release of an upcoming update for StashApp which includes two brand new fiat on-ramps and a ton of UI updates and stability fixes!

We want to welcome both Ramp & Banxa as our new on-ramp partners.

StashApp Launched

We are excited to launch our very own Wallet, named StashApp, running on the Stellar Blockchain. Get access to features such as Swaps, Liquidity Pools, on-ramps and more!

Daily Liquidity Rewards

Daily rewards are now automatically paid to our liquidity holders, starting with our promo: 6.9% apy on SCC/XLM LP value, recalculated and paid daily at a daily rate with SCC. This will continue until 2 mil SCC has been paid out at which point it will be reduced from the promotional rate to 4.2%. A new overview has also been added on StashApp to track how much users have been rewarded.

StashApp - Open Beta Testing!

We are excited to announce StashApp is now in open beta for IOS and Android! Our team has developed a POS and Wallet to provide retail businesses the opportunity to transition partly or completely to a crypto-based payment system. Our StashApp wallet is to be used P2P and make retail accept instant in-store payments using the CANNACOIN token on the Stellar network.

Stellar Cannacoin is now supported on Bonobo.cc!

Bonobo is a decentralized exchange that allows trading of some of your favourite low fee crypto. You can directly buy Stellar Cannacoin using Algorand, Banano, Nano, Polygon or Dogecoin. Exchange rates are listed when you select a currency pair and no registration/login required. Note: this is intended for low volume trades. When you are making a trade it will let you know the min/max that can be exchanged on that transaction.